We understand this is an incredibly worrying and difficult time for many businesses and individuals who like all of us are affected by this Coronavirus outbreak. We want our clients to know we are open for business and here to deal with your requirements and help where we can.
To maintain our service levels and comply with the recommendations of the UK Government, many of our staff will now b e working from home. We are completely focused on maintaining a high degree of service during this difficult period and please be assured that every member of our team will have a full capability to provide such service when working away from the office.
The updated contact list below shows the Direct Dial and Mobile phone numbers for those members of our team, who you may already be in regular contact with. The Direct Dial numbers all have a messaging service so if you are unable to get through to the person concerned, you can leave a message and you will be called back. Alternatively, you can contact the person concerned on the mobile number provided. The list below also shows who to call for Claims, Business and Fleet Insurance and Person Insurance such as Motor, Household and Caravan.

Richard Hinton


DD: 01543 427845

M: 07803 289413


Matthew Hinton

DD: 01543 427854

M: 07872 830082


Alan Brown

Commercial Lines

DD: 01543 427852


Debbie Woodall


DD: 01543 427851


Helen Ameghino

Commercial Lines

DD: 01543 427850


Sam Hinton

Commercial Lines

DD: 01543 427857

M: 07903 591686


Danielle Worthington

Commercial Lines

DD: 01543 427848


Glen Hooker

Commercial Lines

DD: 01543 427843


Paul Rivers

Commercial Lines

DD: 01543 427858


Linda Harper

Personal Lines

DD: 01543 422089


Natasha Richardson


DD: 01543 427849

Lisa Henry


DD: 01543 427859


Sam Norwood


DD: 01543 427856


Rest assured all emails will be read as soon as possible, amendments will be made, quotes will be negotiated, policies will be issued and Insurance cover will be renewed and maintained in accordance with your instructions.
Given that Insurance Companies are also under the same logistical pressures as we are, timescales may be longer than normal. However, our aim will be to ensure that your requirements and in particular your claims are dealt with as quickly as possible. We will keep you informed, stay in regular contact and continue trading together as normally as we can. We will continue to advise clients further.


Our investigations have confirmed that whilst insurers have different policy wordings, the vast majority of Commercial Business Insurance policies, whether giving standard or extended cover, do not provide Business Interruption cover for losses arising from pandemics such as Coronavirus.

Some Insurers list certain specified diseases for which they will provide cover but Coronavirus, Covid 19, which is a new disease, will not b e one of those listed and Insurers are highly unlikely to provide Insurance cover for this disease in the near future.We will of course continue to check individual policy wordings and ensure our clients are treated fairly and if Insurance cover applies, we will help clients make valid claims.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, acknowledged that many Businesses will not be insured for the effects of Corona virus when he announced his £330bn government support package for Business. Please see the link below to see how this support package might help your business and we also recommend that you speak to your Accountant and Bank Manager as they should be able to explain how to access and claim for the support on offer.

Help for Business

The UK Government is introducing various measures to help Business during this difficult time.Please see the government link regarding help for businesses

Useful Information

Staff working from Home Questions have arisen regarding Employers Liability Insurance applying for staff working from home.Insurers already extend policies to cover Clerical and Administrative working from home.

Therefore, you do not need to inform us. The link below includes useful Health and Safety information and procedures you should adopt for Homeworkers. We also recommend you to advise employees who are working from home to notify their House Insurers accordingly. If Employees they refer to their Home Insurers Website this may already confirm that working from home will not affect their home insurance
Please see the government link regarding advice for homeworking

Taking equipment away from your Business premises 

Because your employees may be working from home, they may also be removing business equipment from office to home. Most Commercial Business Insurance policies give cover for equipment "Temporarily Removed" for the same level of cover applying at the business premises. However, limits will apply overall and for any one item. Therefore, please advise us if equipment is being used at home and check the limits are adequate for your requirements. Also please note that many policies will either provide limited cover or no cover at all, for items left in unattended road vehicles.

Protecting your Business Premises

Potentially your business premises and contents could be at greater risk if they are left unoccupied during normal business hours. Please advise us if your business premises are going to be left unoccupied and we will advise your Insurers. If your premises are being left unoccupied during the day, the overnight security protections should be used, such as locks and alarms etc.

These are difficult times for us all and we promise for our part we will work with you and continue to help you arrange your Insurance requirements and deal with your claims. Working together, as we have done for the past 32 years, with our loyal clients and our Insurance Partners, will hopefully help get us all through this unprecedented period.

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